2017 GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium


Theme: Marketing and Management in Global Fashion Disciplines
Date: July 6, 2017
Venue: University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Submission Deadline: January 6, 2017
Co-Chairs: Prof. John Cadogan (Loughborough University), J.W.Cadogan@lboro.ac.uk
              Editor of International Marketing Review
              Prof. Eun Young Kim (Chungbuk National University), eunykim@chungbuk.ac.kr
              Senior Associate Editor of Journal of Global Fashion Marketing

Marketing Research in Fashion:
- Intermediate/Advanced Track
- Beginner's Track
Strategic Fashion Marketing & Management:
- Intermediate/Advanced Track
- Beginner's Track
Fashion Consumer Behavior:
- Intermediate/Advanced
- Beginner's Track

The Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations (GAMMA) in collaboration with the University of Vienna and Korean Scholars of Marketing Scholars (KSMS) will organize '2017 GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium' for doctoral students in marketing and management in fashion related areas.

The colloquium will be held at University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria on July 6, 2017, immediately prior to the 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference at Vienna.

The colloquium provides outstanding doctoral students who want to pursue a career in academics with an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research with other doctoral students and leading academics in the field of marketing and management in global fashion disciplines. All topics and methodological approaches within the broad field of fashion marketing and management will be considered. It will mostly proceed in parallel tracks based on the topical and/or methodological angle of participants' work as well as on the stage of the dissertation process. Students will discuss their research with their fellow students and with track advisers, who are renowned experts in the field.

Doctoral students in different stages of their dissertation process can apply for participation in the doctoral colloquium. The doctoral colloquium will be held in a collaborative, open and friendly atmosphere. In respect to this philosophy, participants are required to attend the entire colloquium. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Candidates should submit an abstract of the (planned) doctoral dissertation, outlining the research problem against the existing literatures, discussing the methodology and showing preliminary empirical results (if applicable).

Abstracts must be no shorter than 5 pages, and may go up to 7 pages maximum for the most advanced projects. Cover/title page, references, tables, figures if any are included in the maximum number of pages mentioned here. Please note that the name of the candidate and of the thesis advisor(s) (if already known) and contact details should appear on the cover page of the abstract.

In order to allocate papers to the most appropriate track in terms of topic and advancement stage, candidates are requested to send additional information by filling out ‘2017 GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium Information’ (http://gammaconference.org/).

Papers will be grouped in three tracks by the 2017 GAMMA Doctoral Colloquium Committee. Students are not requested to select a track upon submission.

- MARKETING RESEARCH IN FASHION. This track focuses on a new approach into research methodologies and their applications to better understand fashion marketing phenomena. Papers will typically be more quantitative in nature, and will rely on the analysis of secondary data, field experiments, or simulations.

- STRATEGIC FASHION MARKETING & MANAGEMENT. This track focuses on firms’ decision-making for developing marketing mixes and how to help managers optimize their marketing strategy in a global fashion venue. Papers will typically be managerial and practical in nature and will include, but are not restricted to, surveys, field studies, analysis of secondary data, meta-analysis, case studies, etc.

- FASHION CONSUMER BEHAVIOR. This track focuses on consumers’ decision-making for fashion brands or products and the understanding of the socio-psychological processes underlying such decisions. Papers will empirically involve quantitative research, lab experiments and/or qualitative studies.

Each track will be divided into a Beginner’s and an Intermediate/Advanced Track. Students selected for the Beginner’s Tracks will have an hour to present their work and research ideas, whereas students selected for the Intermediate/Advanced Track will have an hour and a half. The submissions will be evaluated by the chair and co-chairs of the Doctoral Colloquium. The admitted proposals in each track will be made available to all participants in the corresponding track to allow everyone to prepare for the discussions.

Submission to: gammacentraloffice@gmail.com

The Colloquium Registration Fee: US$ 290 including 1) participation in the doctoral colloquium, 2) coffee breaks & lunches, 3) colloquium materials

Please keep in mind that the Colloquium and the Main Conference are separate events, with each one its submission deadline, registration fee and procedure. However, students accepted to participate in the colloquium and wishing to attend the 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference at Vienna only have to pay 50% of the conference fee. The remaining 50% are covered by GAMMA (details on how to benefit from this special discount will be available later).

For more information on the 2017 Global Fashion Management Conference at Vienna, please visit: